Inspections and Audits

Controlled Shipping levels 1, 2 & 3, care, GP12, incoming inspection and rework.

We allocate qualified and trained professionals directly into the production process of the customer and/or its suppliers. We conduct and manage activities related to Controlled Shipping, Inspection, Rework and Audit. We submit statistical management reports of frequency and non-conformity.

The activity includes:

  • Kick Off Meeting for defining the work;
  • Support on inspection area preparation;
  • Preparation of supporting documentation to inspector and training;
  • Identification of inspected material through Teamwork labels;
  • Periodic submission of inspection outcomes to service requesters;
  • Commercial negotiation directly with the national and international supplier (Inspection and Rework on Reception).


Rua Cupá, 43

Vila Carlos de Campos

CEP 03640-000

Penha - São Paulo – SP


+ 55 (11) 2791-3100

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