Education for Quality


A work environment in which the quality concept prevails is a great achievement for both the company and its employees. However, it’s not easy to achieve such condition. The employee awareness, stimulation to his/her self- development, incentive to his/her self-discipline and overcoming their fears and threats are critical for developing the quality culture.


Raise awareness of company employees about the Quality basic principles, as well as developing their entrepreneurship capacities towards excellence.


  • Recognize why the quality is so discussed today;
  • Understand the supplier-customer relationship;
  • Identify the wastes, estimate its costs and notice that it is possible to eliminate such wastes with a preventive behavior;
  • Understand that measuring the process elements is crucial to achieve prevention;
  • Recognize the necessity to have a rational troubleshooting process by using the teamwork methodology.
  • Identify changes that are proposed for ISO 9001:2000;
  • Identify behaviors of leaderships while conducting the Quality process.
  • Draft the Action Plan aiming the continuous improvement of quality activities.
  • Case Study and Exercises.


All employees of the company.


16 hours.


Rua Cupá, 43

Vila Carlos de Campos

CEP 03640-000

Penha - São Paulo – SP


+ 55 (11) 2791-3100

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